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 About Matuls  

Welcome Traveller

At Matuls, our aim is to offer high quality, historically accurate clothing and equipment for the professional medieval re-enactor.

Often authenticity comes at a price. However we offer a range of products to suit every budget.

Our clothing can be machine stitched or, if preferred, hand stitched to achieve that truly authentic look. The fabrics used can be machine woven or hand woven depending on your budget and taste.

Over the past six years we have undertaken extensive research and we are confident that our products are historically accurate and of a high quality. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our product range and the service we offer to you, our customer.

Please do browse our website and feel free to mail us with your orders, enquiries, comments or ideas on how we may further improve our service to you.

How We make Our Clothing

In order to ensure maximum authenticity we make clothing using only 100% linen and high quality woolen fabrics. By special request we can supply items made from 100% wool. However it may take a little longer for us to obtain pure wool.

Standard clothing is machine stitched, but we hand stitch buttonholes and use handmade fabric buttons.

We also offer fully hand stitched clothing using authentic medieval stitching styles.

To maximise stitch strength we use special construction methods. For hand stitching we use only linen thread.

For re-enactors who require complete authenticity we currently offer hand woven wool.

Example of a completely hand stitched 15th century doublet showing stitching detail.

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