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Gambeson Type 1

Price: 240.00 €

Code: BAH1

Arming cloth worn under chain mail. The gambeson is made up of three layers:
Outer layer - linen or leather
Filling - 100% cotton
Lining - linen
This gambeson is traditionally styled using medieval iconography and has also been developed to be practical in battle. You can see many examples of such gambeson in Maciejowski Bible. It provides excellent freedom of movement as well as a high level of protection.

Freedom of movement has been achieved by adding two large slits at the front and back of the skirt and by varying the fill layers in different parts of the garment. Thus, the trunk, sleeves and collar have eight layers and the arms, ten layers. The high collar gives good neck protection and is fastened with two cloth, handmade buttons. The gambeson can have built-in gloves that are open as you can see on the picture. The gambeson weighs approximately 3kg and is pulled over the head when dressing. The standard version has no holders for armour parts. The seams are outside so the gambeson could be more comfortable.


built-in gloves + 15.00 €

different quilting + 20.00 €

hand stitched + 200.00 €

outer layer of leather + 150.00 €

two or more colours + 15.00 €


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