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Tarp - impregnated cotton

Do koszyka

Preis: 150.00 €

Signatur: NBH4-1

Small shed for travelers. Small size and weight makes it handy for soldiers and those who like to bivouac. It has 2,8m x 3,9m size when laid flat, weight 1,8kg.[...]

Überdachung – Baumwolle - 3m x 5m

Do koszyka

Preis: 190.00 €

Signatur: NBH4-2

It gives protection from sun and rain, excellent for medieval display or to set up dining tables under it. It covers 3m x 5m superficies. It comes with ropes but[...]

Überdachung – Baumwolle - 5m x 6m

Do koszyka

Preis: 230.00 €

Signatur: NBH4-3

Sie gibt Schütz gegen Sonne und Regen. Sie ist ideal für mittelalterliche Anzeige oder für das Essen darunter. Ausmass 5x x 6m. Im Preis werden Seile berechnet aber keine hölzerne[...]

Kitchen Shed - Impregnated Cotton

Do koszyka

Preis: 1100.00 €

Signatur: NBH4-4

Large shed that can be used as kitchen shed for big medieval group. It comes in three pieces, roof and attachable side walls therefore it is easier in transport and[...]

Zweimast Zelt 4 x 7 - Baumwolle

Do koszyka

Preis: 1300.00 €

Signatur: NBH5

Big tent with two poles, it is 4 wide and 7m long. Wooden parts are made of ash or beech wood. Tent in standard is made in white cotton[...]

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